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How do I build a relationship with my child's teacher?

Good communication is the key to building a strong relationship with your child's teacher(s). Sharing information about your child with his/her teacher enables the teacher to better assist your child in learning. Parent-teacher communication can be uncomfortable to some parents, especially if the parents speak little or no English or come from a different culture than the teacher.

To make communication easier with your child's teacher, here are some things that you should remember:

  • Make your first interaction with your child's teacher a positive one. Go into the school and introduce yourself. Make an appointment to get acquainted with the teacher and talk about your child. Establish a personal relationship. Discuss your child's strengths, interests, and also any weaknesses your child may have.

  • Don't get angry before getting the facts. Parents and teachers who know different parts of the same story can often resolve issues with an exchange of information. Gather the facts. Talk to your child carefully. Approach the teacher as a professional and an ally.

  • Talk to the teacher if you have a problem before you go to the principal.

  • Teachers welcome ongoing dialogues with parents because it gives them a better understanding of their students.
For those parents who speak a different language:
  • Make regular visits to your child's school.

  • Find someone at the school who speaks your language. Ask for help by having someone you can communicate with listen to your concerns and translate them to English for you during your parent-teacher conferences.

  • Ask about language classes offered at the school. Sometimes schools have English as a Second Language (ESL) classes that you may be eligible to take.

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