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How do I deal with a child who does not want to participate in school activities?

Some children may shy away from joining clubs and playing sports at school and school events because of the newness of these opportunities. Because middle school may be the first exposure your child has had to such activities, he/she may resist and/or avoid them. Encourage your child to participate but do not force him/her. The types of activities and after-school programs available to students at the middle-school level will vary, so with time it's likely that some activity will spark his/her interest.

Discuss the benefits of participation with your child, along with some of the other positive outcomes, including the opportunity to play sports, join a band, get into good physical shape, make friends with other students, and/or be part of a team. One of the key benefits of extracurricular activities is that they help to promote leadership and responsibility. Help your child choose activities that are of interest to him/her, but be careful not to over-commit your child to more activities than are reasonable; make sure that he/she maintains a relatively balanced schedule.

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