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GEAR UP Parents Resources Clearinghouse

Welcome to the California GEAR UP Parents Resources Clearinghouse. We have lots of information to help you and your child. The four areas below allow you to access the materials on this site in a way that best meets your needs. You can begin using the GEAR UP Clearinghouse from any of the four entry points.

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Use these frequently asked questions and short answers to start your exploration. The FAQs are divided into two areas.

  • FAQs for parents
  • Student FAQs
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    Jump into the detailed information on a range of topics to help you work as an effective parent. This area also has information to help you work with your child.

  • Detailed information
    for parents
  • Student details
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    Explore the wide range of key resources that were used to develop this site.

  • Publications
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • Bibliography

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    Learn the definitions to frequently used college-preparation terms.

  • Glossary of terms

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