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Welcome to the California GEAR UP Educator's Resources Clearinghouse. This section has a wealth of information to help improve your effectiveness in promoting a college-going culture as an educator. We also have lots of information to help you work with middle school students and their families. The four areas below allow you to access the materials on this site in a way that best meets your needs. You can begin using the GEAR UP Clearinghouse from any of the four entry points.

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Use these frequently asked questions and short answers to start your exploration. The FAQs are divided into three areas.

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    Jump into the detailed information on a range of topics. The three areas parallel the FAQ section but the information is more in-depth.

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    Explore the wide range of key resources that were used to develop this site.

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    Learn the definitions to frequently used college-preparation terms.

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    The Educator Top Ten Questions are connected to specific website links which will provide answers to the questions and additional resources that support the answer.

    1. Why is it important to begin college preparation in middle school ? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources)

    2. What is a college going culture and why does it matter in middle school? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources)

    3. How does my school create a college going culture? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources)

    4. How can we engage our parents in our college going culture? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources and Tools & Techniques and Tools & Techniques Resources)

    5. What college preparation support services and programs are currently available to assist my school, students and their families? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources)

    6. Why is it (important/necessary) for middle school educators to be (concerned about/familiar with) high school college preparatory courses, high school graduation, and college admission requirements? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources)

    7. What is the (relationship/connection) between the state standards, a rigorous academic curriculum and college preparation in middle school and why does it matter? (College Awareness & College Awareness Resources Links ; Academic Rigor & Standards and Academic Rigor & Standards Resources Links;Tools & Techniques and Tools & Techniques Resources; Professional Development & Professional Development Resources)

    8. What types of instructional techniques and strategies will best assist middle school teachers with effectively teaching and meeting the needs of our increasingly diverse student population? (Tools & Techniques and Tools & Techniques Resources)

    9. How do I know if the academic problems my middle school students face are due to the issues, attitudes, or behaviors that commonly surface during the adolescent stage of development and/or the transition to and from middle school? What type of assistance, support services, and programs can my school provide to students experiencing transition problems? (Tools and Techniques and Tools and Techniques Resources)

    10. What type of professional development opportunities and activities will assist middle school educators with creating a college going culture? (Professional Development and Professional Development Resources)

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