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How can I create homework assignments that students will want to complete?

Students will be more willing to complete homework assignments if they are interested in the topic, and the material is presented in an engaging fashion. Listed below are some resources that you may want to consult when you feel compelled to modify your approach and develop new or more interesting and/or interactive homework assignments:

Colleagues. Consult other educators that you respect when in search of relevant educational material. Your colleagues are a great point of reference and will often be able to quickly point you to a selection of relevant teaching materials that they have used successfully in the past.

School district. Contact your school district for additional information. Some school districts maintain their own library or resource centers that house a broad range of educational materials, including curriculum books, lesson planning tips, and professional development books or classes.

County Office of Education. Most County Offices of Education maintain resource and materials centers that offer teachers access to a wide array of useful information, including curriculum support materials.

California Department of Education. The California Department of Education offers publications that can aid in the development of your curriculum and also provide guidance on state standards compliance. For more information, call or visit this website:

Local library. Take a trip to your local library. Most facilities offer a selection of teacher resources and materials that you may find helpful.

Local bookstore. Most bookstores maintain a designated area for teacher resources and materials that you can peruse.

Specialty teacher stores. Look under the Educational Resources category listed in your local yellow pages phone book for a list of stores that specialize in teaching materials.

The Internet. The Internet has many resources for teachers on curriculum planning and development. For more information, you may want to visit these helpful websites:

Books and publications. Listed below are publications that contain information on effective teaching strategies and techniques for working with students. These books are available for purchase at your community and/or online bookstore. This list is not intended to be comprehensive; however, it does provide you with a starting point on relevant material that is currently available:

  • Curriculum Practice in the Elementary and Middle School
    Author: J. Allen Queen
    Price: $68.00

  • How to Manage Your Middle School Classroom
    Author: Jeff William
    Price: $24.95

  • Middle School Teaching: A Guide to Methods and Resources (Third Edition)
    Author: Richard Kellough, Noreen Kellough
    Price: $65.00

  • Succeeding in the Secondary Classroom: Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers
    Author: Harriet Arnold
    Price: $29.95

  • Teaching at the Middle Level: A Professional's Handbook
    Author: Sandra Schurr, Julia Thompson, Max Thompson, John Lounsbury
    Price: $51.92

  • Teaching in the Middle School
    Author: M. Lee Manning, Katherine Toth Bucher
    Price: $47.00

  • Teaching Ten to Fourteen Year Olds (Third Edition)
    Author: Chris Stevenson
    Price: $62.00

  • Teaching with Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom
    Author: Jim Fay and David Funk
    Price: $17.06

  • What Current Research Says to the Middle Level Practitioner
    Author: Judith Irvin, National Middle School Association
    Price: $30.00

  • What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know
    Author: Trudy Knowles, Dave Brown
    Price: $18.00

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