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Where can I find materials that offer suggested techniques for working effectively with students?

There are numerous resources available to assist teachers, counselors, and GEAR UP coordinators who are interested in working more effectively with their students. Listed below are some resources you may want to consult for such material:

  • Colleagues. Consult other educators that you respect when in search of relevant educational material. Your colleagues are a great point of reference and will often be able to quickly point you to a selection of materials that they have used successfully in the past.

  • School. Ask the principal or other professionals that you work with at your school. They will likely be able to refer you to a selection of resource materials designed for those who work with students.

  • School district. Contact your school district for additional information. Some school districts maintain their own library or resource centers that house a broad range of instructional materials that you may find useful.

  • County Office of Education. Most County Offices of Education have resource and materials centers that have been set up to give teachers, counselors, and other educators alike access to a wide array of tools and materials, including recommended techniques for working effectively with students and families.

  • California Department of Education. You can order books on suggested techniques from the California Department of Education. For additional information, call , or visit their website:

  • Local library. Take a trip to your local library. Most facilities offer a selection of professional resources and materials that you may find helpful.

  • Local or online bookstore. Most bookstores maintain a designated area for educational resources and materials geared toward student and family advocates that you can peruse.

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